We are gradually dying of so many things there is limitless horizon for profit from our despair. While causes seem many, there is a primary underlying cause. A few species including man, became enzyme-deficient so their bodies can no longer create ascorbic from glucose. Ascorbic in sufficient dose-duration-context addresses nearly all of man's health issues. The illness-industries have "carefully looked away" for nearly a century. Put N=1 research into your own hands!

November 19, 2013

Szent-Gyorgyi and the Dragon

Nobel prize-winning scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, nearly a century ago, proposed that the essence of the living state is that organic molecules such as the proteins in the tissues of the body must be maintained in a state of electron desaturation.

All matter has varying proportions of electrons, protons, and neutrons, but Szent-Gyorgyi held that dead tissue had a full complement of electrons, while live tissue maintained a deficit of electrons.

Ascorbic acid interacts with a wide variety of basic chemical substances in the body. It is one of the primary substances assuring that a vigorous, continuing electron exchange takes place among the body’s tissues and molecules. Ascorbic is both an antioxidant and a prooxidant (depending) and it plays a significant role in the electron mechanics of the body.

Szent-Gyorgyi asserted that energy exchange, arguably life’s most important form of cellular communication, can only occur when there is an imbalance of electrons between and among molecules. This imbalance of electrons causes the natural flow of electrons, a biological form of electricity, throughout the body.

PJ's derivative. Credit: flickr.com/people/24048625@N03
All of the body’s functions are directed, controlled, and regulated by this physiological flow of electricity. Further, this flow of electricity through the body establishes and maintains the subtle magnetic fields in the body that appear to be involved with good health.

Ascorbic acid (AA), although possessing other important qualities, appears to be a most important stimulus to this flow of electricity. A greater amount of AA in the body enhances the flow of electricity in the body, thereby optimizing the ability of the cells in the body to maintain their health-sustaining communications.

One definition of life, then, is that it is a state in which an optimal degree of electron interchange among cells can take place. Health exists when electrons flow freely and fully, illness exists when this flow is significantly impaired, and death occurs when this flow stops.

When the electron flow is impaired, there is a need for more AA to help remedy the impairment. Since poor electron flow throughout the body’s tissues appears to cause or be associated with disease, this also means that there is typically an AA deficiency whenever the body is diseased. 

Because of this interrelationship, AA should always be a part of the treatment of virually any disease state. Just as dehydration requires water, poor electron flow — a primary characteristic of the disease state — requires Ascorbic Acid. This will virtually always apply, even when a deficiency of AA was not necessarily involved in the development of a certain diseased state (in the first place).


The above is a mostly paraphrased summary of a small piece of the book "Curing the Incurable" by Thomas Levy, which I highly recommend. You can find it via libraries free, or affordably used in any online bookstore.

What is the dragon, that which most interferes with the human body's primary electron activity?

Insufficient ascorbic in the body. 

Although it was not Albert who spoke of the enzyme-mutation that made just a bare few species on our planet now-incapable of making their own ascorbic (Irwin Stone was the initial researcher who pointed this out at some length), it was Albert who recognized that the lack of this or presence of this chemical was part of an underlying foundation for human health.

I think this is the most fundamentally important point of the role of ascorbic. The 8-gazillion things it "does" in the body are only a follow-on to that primary role.

Realizing the body's enzyme mutation that prevents our naturally creating it -- and our cultural resistance to taking a decent amount of it (particularly under body-challenge) to compensate for that -- is the most important "change your life" nutrient-understanding I've had.

So I wanted to start this blog with that.


P.S. Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C rocks!  (Sunflower non-gmo lecithin, non-gmo ascorbic acid, distilled water. Soak, blend, sonicate. You're set!) Much less 'concise' than the commercial variety, but still awesome -- and 1/10 the price. See links and other posts/pages for more info.

Constant caveat: I am not a scientist. For "real science" you should read articles by people with academic credentials, of which I have none.

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